General Court Response, 1682

Manuscript and Literal Transcription

Letters in the transcription are underlined for one of these three reasons: th is substituted for a written y where it represents the sound th (as in the definite article, which was never pronounced “yee”); F is substituted for ff, a common way of ‘capitalizing’ that letter; or an abbreviation is expanded to the full word.
The magstrats judg meet to referr the Consideration of this peticon to the
next Generall Court of Election in May & that the Secretary Give notice to the
parties conserned the Selectmen for Cambridge & the petitioners then
to Appeare & Attend their consernes on the first [illegible] Day of the
said Court for their Determination. Their brethren the Deputyes
thereto Consenting Edward Rawson Secretary

Consented to by the Deputys
Oct. 17: 1682 Elisha Hutchinson per order