General Court Responses, 1683

Modernized Transcription

These transcriptions follow the original texts almost word for word, but they observe present-day conventions in spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Where you see text in red, underlined, hovering your cursor on it (no click necessary) will pop up a brief explanation.

First Response—October 20

In answer to this petition, this Court doth order that the petitioners have liberty to build them a meeting house and to provide for sponsoring a meet and able minister to dispense the word of God unto them, and that the town of Cambridge shall pay his yearly maintenance until such time as the … petitioners and said town shall otherwise agree. The Deputies have passed [this order] with reference to the consent of the honored Magistrates hereto.
William Torrey, clerk, October 20, 1683

Not consented to by the Magistrates. Edward Rawson, Secretary

Second Response—October 24

The magistrates judge meet to respite the determination of the case until the first Tuesday after the next election, their brethren the deputies hereto consenting.
Edward Rawson, 24 October 1683

Consented to by the Deputies
William Torrey, Clerk