Survey Committee Appointment Order, 1684

Modernized Transcription

This transcription follows the original text almost word for word, but it observes present-day conventions in spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Where you see text in red, underlined, hovering your cursor on it (no click necessary) will pop up a brief explanation.
In answer to the petition of the inhabitants of Cambridge: Their petition and the town’s answer being read, the Court, on due consideration, do order that Captain Thomas Prentice, Mr. John Fairweather, and Mr. John Saffyn be a committee to view the place in a thorough way, some of the inhabitants of the town and also of the petitioners having notice given them to be there; Mr. Fairweather, and Mr. Saffyn to appoint time and place of meeting, and on all considerations to make their return on their view of the [appropriate] place as to a dividing line between them, to this Court, for their due consideration and determination.