Survey Committee Appointment Order, 1684

Manuscript and Literal Transcription

Letters in the transcription are underlined for one of these three reasons: th is substituted for a written y where it represents the sound th (as in the definite article, which was never pronounced “yee”); F is substituted for ff, a common way of ‘capitalizing’ that letter; or an abbreviation is expanded to the full word.
Heading (in margin at right):
Answer to the Inhabitants of Cambridg peticion

Body (beginning at top left):
In Answer to the petition of the Inhabitants of Cambridge
Their Peticon & the Tounes Answer being read, the Court, on due
Consideration, doe order that Capt Thomas Prentice, Mr John Faireweather
& Mr John Saffyn be a Committee to vejw the plase in a thorough way
some of the Inhabitants of the Toune & also of the petitioners
having notice given them to be theere Mr Saffyn & Mr faireweather
to Appoint time and plase of meeting & on all considerations
to make their returne on their vejw of the plase as to a
dividing ljne betweene them, to this Court for their due Conside
:ration. & determination.