Cambridge Farms Parish Covenant, 1696

Modernized Transcription

The image of this document was provided by courtesy of the Lexington Historical Society. The transcription follows the original text almost word for word, but it observes present-day conventions in spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Where you see text in red, underlined, hovering your cursor on it (no click necessary) will pop up a brief explanation.
We (whose names are underwritten), sensibly acknowledging our unworthiness of such a favor and unfitness for such a business, yet apprehending ourselves to be called of God to put ourselves into a way of church communion, and [to] seek the settlement of all the Gospel Institutions amongst us, do therefore, in order thereunto and for the better promoving thereof, as much as in us lies—knowing how prone we are to backslide, [and] abjuring all confidence in ourselves and relying on the Lord Jesus Christ alone for help—covenant as follows:

Having perused the Confession of faith, put forth by the last synod of churches held in Boston In New England, we do heartily close in with it, for the substance of it, and promise to stand by, maintain, and if need be contend for the faith therein delivered to the people of God. And, if any among us shall go about to undermine it, we will bear due testimony against them.

We do also combine together to walk as a particular Church of Christ, according to all those holy rules of the Gospel prescribed to such a society, so far as God hath revealed or shall reveal his mind to us in that respect.

We do accordingly recognize the Covenant of Grace, in which we professedly acknowledge ourselves devoted to the fear and service of the only true God, our Supreme Lord, and to the Lord Jesus Christ, the High Priest, Prophet, and King of his Church, unto whose conduct we submit ourselves, and on whom alone we wait and hope for grace and Glory, [and] to whom we bind ourselves in an everlasting covenant never to be broke[n].

We likewise give ourselves up one to another in the Lord, resolving by his help to cleave each to other as fellow members of one body in brotherly love and holy watchfulness over each other for mutual edification, and to subject ourselves to all the holy administrations appointed by him who is the head of his church, dispensed according to the rules of the Gospel, and to give our constant attendance on all the public ordinances of Christ’s institution, walking orderly as becometh saints.

We do likewise acknowledge our posterity to be included with us in the Gospel covenant, and, blessing God for so rich a favor, do promise to bring them up In the nurture and admonition of the Lord with greatest care, and to acknowledge them in their covenant relation according to the Gospel rules.

Furthermore we promise to be careful to our utmost to procure the settlement and continuance among us of the offices and officers appointed by Christ the Chief Shepherd for the edification of his Church, and accordingly to do our duty faithfully for their maintenance and encouragement, and to carry it towards them as becomes us.

Finally, we do acknowledge and promise to preserve communion with the faithful churches of Christ, for the giving and receiving of mutual counsel and assistance in all cases wherein it shall be needful.

Now [may] the good Lord be merciful to us, and as he hath put it into our hearts thus to devote ourselves to him, let him pity and pardon our frailties, and humble us for our carnal confidence, and keep it forever upon our hearts to be faithful to Himself and one to another, for his praise and our eternal comfort, for Christ Jesus’ sake, to whom be glory for ever, AMEN.
Benjamin Eastabrook
David Fisk Senior
Samuell Stone Senior
John Russell
Israell Mead
Thomas Cutler Senior
David Fisk Junior
Samuell Whittmore
William Read
John Miriam
Samuell Stone Junior
Thomas Miriam
John Hancock
Jonas Clarke – 1755