General Court Responses, 1683

Manuscript and Literal Transcription

Letters in the transcription are underlined for one of these three reasons: th is substituted for a written y where it represents the sound th (as in the definite article, which was never pronounced “yee”); F is substituted for ff, a common way of ‘capitalizing’ that letter; or an abbreviation is expanded to the full word.

First Response—October 20

In Answer to this petition this Court doth order that the petitioners have
libertie to build them a meeting house & to provide for sponsoring
a meete & able minister to dispense the word of god unto them
& that the Towne of Cambridge shall pay his yearly Mayntenanse
until such time as the said [crossed out] petitioners & said Towne shall otherwise
agree, The deputys have past with refferense to the consent of the
Honored magistrates hereto       William Torrey, clerik
October 20 1683

Not Consented to by the magistrates. Edward Rawson Secretary

Second Response—October 24

The magistrates judg meet to Respit the determination of the Case till
the first tuesday after the next Election their brethren the d the deputies hereto consenting Edward Rawson
24 october 1683

Consented to by the Deputys
William Torrey Clerik